Sinner or saint?

Sinner or Saint?

Joel Gerdis General

Am I Sinner or Saint? The way you answer this question has huge implications on your relationship with God. Some people lean one way or the other while some say they are both. The bible teaches clearly that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard. We have no way of paying the debt of our sin. God is …

God's Goodness

Just Joining Us?

Joel Gerdis General

FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US… My heart is beating a little faster. I am anticipating God’s goodness in my life. HOPE! Hope is the joyful anticipation of GOD’s GOODNESS. As Iron Bell Music prepares for 12 days of ministering in the Northeast United States I am reflecting on all that God has done the past few weeks to …

WorshipFully is Born

Joel Gerdis Calling

So here we go! I am going for it. God has called me to spend my life teaching and discipling people to KNOW and LOVE HIM and in the process be TRANSFORMED more into HIS likeness. About a year ago God began stirring in my heart to start a ministry that would allow me to use my gifts and passions …