Adoration Prayer eCourse

Really Knowing and Loving God

Please pause the video instruction as often as you need to process the information. I cover a lot of content in this 1hr video, so you may find you need to listen through more than once. You will find bonus content at the bottom of the page that reiterates some of the concepts in the teaching video below and some new ideas and concepts you will likely find helpful.

Things you need on hand:

  1. Your Bible
  2. Notepad
  3. Pencil or pen
  4. DOWNLOAD - One Page Adoration Prayer PDF (click and view in a new window or print out - I said it was one-sheet in the video, but it became 4 pages)
  5. DOWNLOAD - 28 Day Adoration Prayer Devotional eBook (includes do it yourself plan)

Once you've completed the teaching video and exercises consider downloading the full 106 page PDF of Ben Woodward's Adoration & Proclamation Prayer Workbook. You can download this resource to right on desktop or the bottom of the page on mobile devices. Please consider making a DONATION for this resource created by Ben Woodward. A portion of proceeds go to Ben and his ministry. You can also purchase a physical copy directly from his website at This 106 page resource is the best tool I've ever used.

Writing Adoration Prayers

Spending time writing original prayers to God is a great way to break through any barriers you have with praying out loud. Spontaneously praying out loud doesn't come natural to most of us so taking time to craft hand written prayers, then praying those out loud will help your prayer life grow immensely. Watch this short video for some helpful tips.

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