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Several of my friends and I got together a while back for a guys retreat at the lake and while we were there we began talking about the realities of Hebrews 12 where it says in verse 22 that we have come to Mount Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the Living God. It is so powerful. Get still …

red windbreaker testimony

Testimony – The Red Windbreaker

Joel Gerdis General

This past weekend, my friend Curt and I traveled to Los Altos, California. We got to spend time with some very dear friends, Justin and Jennifer. We arrived a day before a planned ministry event just so we could soak them up. Justin planned an excursion that we could all do together. They took us to one of their favorite …

Be Still and Know

Joel Gerdis General

Options and choices can be great, but studies show that the more options we have it can crowd out some really good things in our lives. Sometimes too many options paralyze us from making decisions quickly. Case in point the CheeseCake Factory menu. Sometimes having too many options crowd out some of the disciplines that make life full and rewarding. …

Rest! Stop Toiling

Joel Gerdis General

There is amazing power in rest. The rest I am talking about is resting in God. It looks like physical rest too, but it isn’t just about letting your body recharge from work. There is a rest God desires for us that waits on Him and displays our trust in Him. I remember a season in my life where I …

Meditation? What Does Scripture Say?

Joel Gerdis General

Meditation has gotten a bad rap in my opinion. The church has had a history of having knee jerk reactions when the world hijacks and twists things originally intended to be a major part of following Jesus. The temptation is to reject something like meditation because it has been twisted and manipulated by the world, but meditation is mentioned all …

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Newsletter #1 – All The Details

Joel Gerdis General

Here are all the details about how God is showing me to pass on what I’ve learned through retreats, teaching, writing, one-on-one discipleship and more. Here are some of the things I have going on and things you can participate in, pray for, and help support. GATHERINGS – I am organizing routine gatherings in homes & churches to lead worship …

Sinner or saint?

Sinner or Saint?

Joel Gerdis General

Am I Sinner or Saint? The way you answer this question has huge implications on your relationship with God. Some people lean one way or the other while some say they are both. The bible teaches clearly that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard. We have no way of paying the debt of our sin. God is …

God's Goodness

Just Joining Us?

Joel Gerdis General

FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US… My heart is beating a little faster. I am anticipating God’s goodness in my life. HOPE! Hope is the joyful anticipation of GOD’s GOODNESS. As Iron Bell Music prepares for 12 days of ministering in the Northeast United States I am reflecting on all that God has done the past few weeks to …

WorshipFully is Born

Joel Gerdis Calling

So here we go! I am going for it. God has called me to spend my life teaching and discipling people to KNOW and LOVE HIM and in the process be TRANSFORMED more into HIS likeness. About a year ago God began stirring in my heart to start a ministry that would allow me to use my gifts and passions …