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Several of my friends and I got together a while back for a guys retreat at the lake and while we were there we began talking about the realities of Hebrews 12 where it says in verse 22 that we have come to Mount Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the Living God. It is so powerful. Get still and meditate on the word and let the meaning behind those words sink in. According to Hebrews 12, what we call Heaven is much closer than we ever knew. It say in that same chapter, “since we are surrounding by such a great cloud of witnesses”. That is a NOW reality.

We wrote a worship song during that weekend and got to record it recently and shot a video of us and several friends in a “group sing”  of this new song. I hope it blesses you and opens your heart and mind to the reality that Heaven, God, the Angels, the witnesses, are closer than you may have ever imagined.

There is no separation. That means FULL ACCESS to God’s throne. I believe the scripture that says, “Come boldly before the throne of God” isn’t a metaphor. The more you believe the reality of HEAVEN NOW…FULL ACCESS…NO SEPARATION…the more you will begin encountering God’s love, mercy, peace, and comfort. I’ve included the full vide and lyrics below…


It’s Heaven Now – Joel Gerdis, Dan Jacus, Josh Watkins, Luke Wisely
(March 18, 2023)

It’s Heaven now
It’s Heaven right now
The City of the Living God is pouring out
It’s all around
It’s Heaven right now
It’s never been as real as it is right now
Right now, right now
It’s never been as real as it is right now

So take me by the hand
Lead me up the mountain
Surrounding me with all your glory
I’m transfiguring
I’ll never be the same again
What creation’s waited for
We’re not waiting anymore

Arise, shine
Beautiful ones
Let your light shine
Bright as the sun
Jesus, is risen in you