God's Goodness

Just Joining Us?

Joel Gerdis General


My heart is beating a little faster. I am anticipating God’s goodness in my life. HOPE! Hope is the joyful anticipation of GOD’s GOODNESS. As Iron Bell Music prepares for 12 days of ministering in the Northeast United States I am reflecting on all that God has done the past few weeks to encourage my heart. Thank you everyone who has personally commented, messaged, texted, called to encourage me in my family’s new venture of WorshipFully.

For those of you just joining us, WorshipFully is a non-profit ministry I started that I hope becomes a major part of God’s work through me. Iron Bell Ministries is still home and I will continue to serve there as they are MY PEOPLE AND FAMILY!!! WorshipFully, Inc will be what I do with the rest of my time every week and month! WorshipFully is a teaching and equipping ministry in which I desire to see people transformed through knowing and loving God. The tools and experiences I’ve had of growing in love with God have been the single most important thing that has produced life, joy and miracles in my life. I want everyone to experience what I have experienced.

There are four parts of WorshipFully:

  1. I meet with individuals hungry for more of God or want to be encouraged and equipped to grow in their relationship with God.
  2. I teach and equip groups in homes, churches and conferences so they can learn to know and love God more and more.
  3. I lead retreats designed for transformation and breakthrough encounter with God.
  4. I am continuing to lead and write original worship music designed to help people grow in intimacy with God, tear down lies we’ve believed, and help us truly believe what God says about Himself and us.

This website is a great way for you to connect or share with your friends & community resources I am developing. PLEASE REACH OUT IF… you want to meet, have me teach at your church or group, or if you are interested in participating in an upcoming retreat! If God leads you to support Worshipfully and the Gerdis’ you can now give online through a secure platform at this link.

We are trusting God for everything. He is The Lord Your God Who Provides. I am anticipating HIS GOODNESS!!! I was talking with Toby this morning about how I am the guy with so many provision miracles and we might think this faith journey gets easier but it doesn’t. Gregg Dedrick always says the next leg of the journey requires the same thing the last leg did, throwing in all your chips, but the faith from a previous season isn’t enough for the next season. It must be added to. The faith that got you through the last season is being added to so you have the faith for the next season. For it to be added to it must be invested like the parable of the talents. But it requires what feels like greater and greater risk because God is leading you to a new place, trusting Him for bigger things that only He can accomplish. In order to cross the Jordan and take possession of the land and promises God has for us we must spend more time in the tent of meeting, lingering in His Presence. The more we see Him – the more confident we will be. The more confident we are in Him the less we have to see the evidence and plan in front of us. Faith is being certain of what we Hope For… not what we hold in our hands or see with our eyes. So We are walking in Faith… not by Sight.

Where you feel fear is the edge of your faith, the edge of the unknown territory you’ve never ventured in to. It is the place we get to either run back to our comfort zone or set out and begin walking in new places of trust. That is the only place we get to see God grow us and reveal more of Himself. He will show up! So to be totally honest I feel the fear. I am at the edge of the familiar and I am pressing into the unknown. I want my boys to live adventures with God and not just a few adventures. I want to be a man that models faith and encourages faith in others. I fail a lot but I want to be someone who keeps getting up and walking into the unknown, where God’s kingdom and reality is FAR GREATER than what we see with our eyes on earth. I want to ignite the fire in others to go on this journey and pursue God’s adventure for them. I want us all to look back from eternity and marvel at how God did IMMEASURABLY MORE than we ASKED OR IMAGINED.

Love you all! Private message me or send a contact submission through this website with requests to meet, have me teach workshops or express your interest in future retreats and thank you for your prayers and financial support! God is good!