Meditation? What Does Scripture Say?

Joel Gerdis General

Meditation has gotten a bad rap in my opinion. The church has had a history of having knee jerk reactions when the world hijacks and twists things originally intended to be a major part of following Jesus. The temptation is to reject something like meditation because it has been twisted and manipulated by the world, but meditation is mentioned all throughout scripture and is a tool that helps us reflect on God Himself and His Word. What the world has made meditation to be is not the same thing that God intended it to be and we have to be careful that we are not jumping into practices and “patterns of the world” that are not biblical. However, we need to be aware that the enemy is crafty and is looking for way to get followers of Jesus to forfeit tools and resources God Himself gave us to be conformed into the image of Jesus. I hope the video I shared is helpful and encourages you to draw closer to the Father, to Jesus and to the Spirit. If you have questions drop them in the comment section below.