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Newsletter #1 – All The Details

Joel Gerdis General

skydiving photo from flickr photo credit to Skydiving Image from Flickr photo credit to jdfreeflyHere are all the details about how God is showing me to pass on what I’ve learned through retreats, teaching, writing, one-on-one discipleship and more. Here are some of the things I have going on and things you can participate in, pray for, and help support.

GATHERINGS – I am organizing routine gatherings in homes & churches to lead worship and teach people what I’ve learned about adoration prayer, healing prayer, and personally minister to people through prayer. I have already helped lead 4 events since December and the impact is awesome. People are being set free, healed, and drawn into greater intimacy with God. If you want to host a ministry night in your home or church please contact me through my website. My hope is to have 2-3 monthly gatherings in Louisville and 2-3 more gatherings regionally or nationally.

A NEW WORSHIP ALBUM – Many of you know about my passion for worship music because of my role with Iron Bell Music. As that continues I felt strongly the Lord also wanted me to record a solo project of just my songs that facilitate intimate time with God. I am writing and recording songs for a new worship EP (5-6 song album). The goal would be to make this album free, but also allow for donations for the download of the album. Physical copies will be available for purchase. I begin recording this album this week and hope to share some samples of the recordings with you soon. The total cost for this project is $7,000. I need people to step up to help with these costs to make this a reality. I plan on recording songs every year that facilitate a deeper walk with God. You can give online to support this project.

TEACHING – I will be encouraging people through this newsletter, social media, videos, and events in homes and churches and more. There is no cost to any of this…but I am hoping people contribute so I can create everything God puts on my heart to share with others. You will be encouraged with teaching from God’s word and testimonies of healing, miracles, and personal spiritual transformation. You will be encouraged to know this should be the expectation for every son of God.

MEETING WITH INDIVIDUALS & SMALL GROUPS – I am meeting with individuals & small groups to encourage them in their pursuit of greater intimacy with God. Business leaders utilize coaches, so why shouldn’t believers? I have met with many individuals and have gotten incredible feedback that life transformation is happening. People are already experiencing breakthrough in their walk with God as a result of these meetings. Contact me by email – – or through the website to request a meeting.

POWERFUL RETREATS – I am developing retreats designed for people who want to jumpstart their faith and gain momentum in their walk with God. These 2-3 day retreats are perfect for those who feel stuck in their walk with God and want to break through the barriers holding them back. Spending dedicated consecutive days focused on Jesus always results in amazing outcomes. Let me know if you would like me to organize a retreat for your community or if you would want to participate in a future retreat with a group I organize.

JERUSALEM – I am going to Israel in April on a mission trip. I have two others traveling with me. Justin Branham (who serves on my board), and Eddy Morris, a long time friend in ministry. God is doing something tremendous and gave me an invitation to meet with Him in the holy land. The three of us have purchased the airfare in faith for travel this April. The total cost for the 3 of us is $12,000. If you would like to contribute to this trip you can do so securely on my website. We need your help to make this happen.

If you want to grab a coffee and learn more about what I am doing with this new ministry please contact me through the website or by email! If you are not in the Louisville area you want to hop on a call I would love the opportunity to share more about the vision God has giving me for WorshipFully.

Thank you for praying for our family! Thank you for praying about supporting what God is doing through us. We are encouraged that we aren’t alone and have such amazing friends and family joining us on this journey!

-Joel Gerdis