This eCourse is designed to help you know God, know your true self, and discover how you can begin participating in God's Kingdom right now. When we become anchored in deep belief and understanding of God's names and nature it will open up the possibilities of His Kingdom, His power, and His ways in our life.

1. "Knowing God" eCourse

Really Knowing and Loving God (101)

Real intimacy must be the foundation of every believers' relationship with God. If we do not learn how to know & love God authentically, all of our "Christian activity" is meaningless. This eCourse is an introduction to adoration prayer which is the tool every believer should have in their belt. When we learn to use God's word to pray with the goal of knowing God it opens our hearts to genuine love and belief and we will begin to see His glory displayed more often in our lives.

  • 1 hr. Teaching Video
  • Adoration Resources (4 page pdf)
  • 28 Day Plan (44 page eBook)
  • Instruction on writing your own adoration & proclamation prayers
  • Bonus 1hr 30 min Adoration Prayer teaching with Joel Gerdis and Stephen McWhirter

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"I never knew I could know God like this!"
- Doug in Illinois

"My relationship with God has never been more alive!"
- Carol in Ohio

"Learning how to adore God has changed my life. I sense His leading all the time now." -
- Steven in Kentucky

"God sees me. He really sees me. I would encourage everyone, everywhere to learn how to adore God through prayer."
- Susan in California

"I used to think really knowing God was mysterious or difficult, but nothing could be further from the truth. He made it so easy."
- Brian in Indiana