WorshipFully is Born

Joel Gerdis Calling

So here we go! I am going for it. God has called me to spend my life teaching and discipling people to KNOW and LOVE HIM and in the process be TRANSFORMED more into HIS likeness. About a year ago God began stirring in my heart to start a ministry that would allow me to use my gifts and passions more than I had been using them. I mentioned in a social post yesterday that “my life was about to change…and stay the same”. It is staying the same because I am going to continue ministering with the same people and community of Iron Bell Ministries and Iron Bell Music that I’ve ministered with the past 9 years. But here is how it is going to change…instead of having a day job and just volunteering at the occasional worship gathering or conference at Iron Bell I want to spend everyday intentionally meeting with people, teaching groups or leading retreats that lead people into greater intimacy with God.

So Worshipfully has been born. I have officially filed articles of incorporation and will hopefully have the form 1023 approval for tax deductible giving in place before the year’s end. My purpose is to See People Transformed Through Knowing & Loving God. It was important that I set this non-profit up because God shared with me He wanted me to bring others under the umbrella that shared my vision to disciple people and create original worship music that helps people grow in intimacy with God. I believe these people will be like Worship Missionaries who are suppose to continually write original worship songs and disciple people in ways to know and love Him.

My recent spiritual transformation was directly related to being taught and learning how to love God. I attended an adoration prayer workshop in 2012 led by Ben Woodward that changed the trajectory of my life and relationship with God. What I experienced in the weeks, months and years following has been a continually deepening of love with God and seeing His activity in my life. I want to pass on what I learned and continue to learn by coaching and discipling individuals, teaching groups in homes and churches, and leading group retreats designed to help people experience breakthrough on the ceiling they may feel on their spiritual life and discover the FULLNESS of LIFE that is found in an ever-deepening relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I get so excited to see the tangible activity of God in my life and the life of others. God wants to display His love and power through his kids on earth. His plan was always to defeat death and to rescue and empower His bride the church to fight the enemy on this earth. So since that prayer workshop I have come to KNOW GOD in deeper ways connected to many different parts of His nature and character. I have experienced so many miracles of provision, healing, and more that just further increases my belief that this is for EVERYONE.

I saw a meme recently that said “You will be too much for some people….Those are not your people”. I laughed because I know that is ME. I will be too much for some people, but those are not my people. God is calling me to those who know there is more and it feels out of there grasp. The good news it has always been in everyone’s grasp to grow in intimacy with God and from the place of love and affection we get to go serve a broken world and partner with God to join Jesus in His mission. Jesus said many times that He came to….

I have come that none should perish.
I have come that the blind may see.
I have come to destroy the works of the devil.
I have come to bring life to the full.
I have come to bring a sword.
I have come to preach the kingdom of God.
I have come to seek and save the lost.
I have come to make all things new.

This list is not exhaustive but it shows me there is an invitation to join Him in this mission because He placed His very presence in us. His Holy Spirit is the same Holy Spirit that empowered Jesus to commune with the Father, perform miracles, receive wisdom and comfort. Jesus modeled a life He wants us to live. It is a life that is surrendered to the Father and one in which we get to be sons of God led by His Holy Spirit.

Do you want some of that? Come and get it. He never withholds from those who ask.

Many friends have asked how they can jump in or get connected? Are you an individual that wants to grow and you want to meet with me? Message me. I will have a few times during each month I can meet with individuals and I will be pulling together occasional monthly gatherings of small groups that can worship and grow together. Do you have a small group or church that wants to have me come speak or teach? Message me! I’d love to come teach in your home, church, or special event. Do you want to experience a breakthrough retreat? Sign up for the email list on the website to be informed on all upcoming retreat opportunities. Do you want to pray for me and my family? Sign up on the prayer list on the homepage to get updates on specific prayer needs we have. Do you want to sew financially into me and my ministry? I am hoping by the time I publish this post that Worshipfully.org will be ready to receive online donations. You can also mail checks to made out to Worshipfully. I need both on-going supporters and one-time gifts. If you are reading this blog you probably know me. I would pay people to get to do this but I’d only be able to afford a couple days before I had to get a 9 to 5. I want this to be what I spend my life on. It only took 43 years to discover that…but it was worth the wait.